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July 15, 2010—-Montpelier, VA to Chickahominy River (64 Miles)

If we have the true love of God in our hearts, we will show it in our lives. We will no have to go up and down the earth proclaiming it. We will show it in everything we say or do. 

-D.L. Moody

Ahhh the next to last day of riding. In all actuality the last full day of riding. A moment of happiness spread across my face as I awoke this morning only about 100 miles out from the bay. I happily consumed a couple of bagels and some leftover apple cobbler that Oz provided. 

Due to the fact we were on such a tight time constraint and had to be at the Dominion headquarters in Richmond by 10:30 we left Oz’s place immediately and headed eastward starting at the location where we left off on the day before. Eventually after passing VCU and keeping a tight double lined paceline we reached the headquarters and were immediately treated like superstars as we met back with David and Mark and the president of the Alzheimer’s Association in Richmond.I was amazed at how well the whole event was organized and blown away by the magnitude of the Dominion skyscraper. Richmond was by far the largest city we traveled into with massive skycrapers dotting the city line. Well after a few minutes all of us rode out on stage and were warmly welcomed by many employees and other Alzheimer’s Association care workers.

The vice president of the company delivered an excellent speech to us and then handed us a check written in our name for 1,000 dollars. It was an honor and privilege to meet and shake so many hands after the event concluded. Panera for lunch provided by Dominion hit the spot like none other. I believe I downed at least 3 sandwhiches and couple bags of chips. Dominion, if I ever move to Virginia you will definitely be my first choice in providing me with energy.

After sadly leaving Dominion, we headed eastward across the downtown district of Richmond across some cobblestone then 40 miles later we ended up at our campsite for the night along the bank of the Chickahominy River (now thats a mouthful). We were delightfully treated to dinner by some of Dana’s family friends, Barbara and Mike Stripling. The dinner consisted of cedar plank salmon, barbecue, corn and red velvet cake for desert. Alongside with us as well was Virginia Tech grad bro, Sean, who now lives in Virginia Beach and works for an architecture firm.

The time spent at their very colonial decorated home was extremely enjoyable and it was entertaining to hear some of Mike’s stories working undercover in submarine warfare during the outbreaks of the Cold War. Toward the end of the night before we were leaving Mike asked us all where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years. All of us answered the questioned in an organized fashion and when the time came to me I found myself strongly answering the question with fortitude„even though I am still undecided. Mike and Barbara, thank you so much for your generous hospitality, even breakfast the following morning. I believe in that night I really gained a better perspective on my future and just an overall understanding of how blessed I really have it.

The rest of the night we all headed back to the campsite including Sean and Dana for a campfire and some manly singalongs. Wade, Jordan, and Chaz strummed the guitar beautifully to many songs including Free Falling, Folsom Prison Blues, and Walking in Memphis. We even had an extra thrown in there requested by Cameron of Snake Farm. The night was memorable together and it was a wonderful end to such a long journey.   YORKTOWN TOMORROW!!!!

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