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July 14, 2010—-Charlottesville, VA to Montpelier, VA (65 Miles)

Perseverance is more than endurance. It is endurance combined with absolute assurance and certainty that what we are looking for is going to happen. 

-Oswald Chambers

Awaking early we all headed over to the Rotunda on UVA grounds to with an interview and photo shoot with channel 9 news. Tyler did an excellent job, taking in consideration for the time of day, in answering all of the prosed questions in an adequate fashion as the rest of us just smiled happily in the background. After consuming some fresh, tasty bagels and waiting for Tyler and Jordan to return from a radio interview we departed Charlottesville and headed for Montpelier. Thanks to all the Omicron Bros for making our stay an enjoyable and refreshing one to say the least. I would love to come back and visit.  On the way we passed Thomas Jefferson (Monticello) and James Monroe’s (Ash Lawn Highlands) estates actually within a couple miles of each other. Feeling superior for a short while, we finally were out in the country once again. At about the 25 mile mark we were met by two guys by the name of Mark and David, of the Dominion Energy media crew. For practically the whole day they followed us in their vehicle and shot numerous clips of us riding in preparation for their hosting an event for tomorrow in downtown Richmond. The guys were fun and easy to talk to which passed the time quickly away. At times with their filming at several different angles I felt I was in the Tour de France.   They hung around and ate the same lunch we had of bologna sandwhiches off the road in some shade nearby a baptist church. 

Eventually we reached our destination after circumnavigating some gravel for a mile or two at Robert Osborne’s house in Montpelier. Robert and Dana planned a cookout for all of us and some other Fiji graduates attended. One in which I will never forget was one brother who actually set a Guinness World of Record of swimming up a class 5 rapid close to Richmond for a couple of miles. The story was detailed and I enjoyed every minute of it.  The hotdogs and burgers were delicious and the social interaction was pleasing. Only 2 more full days of riding!

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